Birthday Girl

My funny birthday girl.

She turned 4 this summer and she seems like she changed overnight!

She got these funny sunglasses and had just sucked down a container of vanilla yogurt, without using a spoon.

She was really proud of this yogurt mustache on her face and sported it around for quite a while on her birthday, making everyone laugh.

We ate a fun summer supper of hotdogs, watermelon, chicken salad sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, and chips. 

Then went outside to play some fun games in the yard.  She played catch with Dad and her 4 brothers.

She rode bikes.

And then was tuckered out and ready to enjoy her cake and ice cream.  We invited all the neighbor kids to come over for some too.   We requested no gifts, just come for fellowship and cake to celebrate this milestone in our children’s lives.

Older brother had a birthday a few days before, so we decided to celebrate them together this year.  He wanted a vanilla cake, and she wanted a PINK cake.  So big brother helped make her a pink strawberry cake.  He loves to help cook in the kitchen.  (I wish he loved to do dishes, but one out of two ain’t bad!).

She was not happy that her younger brother wanted to sample the frostings ahead of time.

So she took up a position to guard the cakes until the neighbor kids arrived.  I thought that was so funny.  She didn’t mind it to much when little brother stuck his finger in her older brother’s cake.  But when he stuck his finger in her cake… out…she was ready to fight to keep it safe.

It was finally time to sing happy birthday and blow out her candle.  She beamed with joy.

After a lot more play time outside and neighbors went home, we came inside to open her gifts.  She got a Dora doll in a pink princes dress…

A pink bed for Dora to sleep in.  Pink and grey walkie talkies.

A draw board called magic writer, and a pink learning laptop.  I can’t wait to help her use these learning tools.  The laptop is full of pre-programmed learning activities.

Well, my girl is growing up faster than I can keep up.  Seems like yesterday I was enjoying holding her in my arms, nursing her, and doing everything for her. 

Her birth was such a special one.  Someday soon I will write the story of how she was born.  I want to share with moms everywhere, the strength God gave me and what he taught me through her birth.

Now she is four years old and she wants to do everything herself.  Just last night, I was making her some chocolate milk.  She said, “no mommy, let me do it” and that was that.  She made her first glass of chocolate milk all by herself.

She is already counting down to her next birthday, and the one after that, and the one after that…  Why does she want to grow up so fast?  I just want to cherish her one day at a time.

Over the years she has grown into a beautiful child.  She is full of laughter, spunky, and very smart.  She is somewhat of a tomboy with all these brothers around.  But she is very tender too.  She really wants a baby sister and tells me everyday that the baby growing in my womb is a girl.  She says if its a boy it is ok, but she really thinks its a girl.

God has truly blessed me with a house full of children.  It is such a joy to see each one grow and mature into who God has made them to be.

Happy Birthday!

How do you celebrate family birthdays?
Thanks for your comments!

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