Because You Are Strong Review

We recently reviewed Because You Are Strong bible study curriculum by Doorposts.
This curriculum is for boys ages 12 and older and for father / son bible study too.  This study will help boys, young men, and fathers, gain a biblical view of strength and “how to” use that strength wisely, for God’s glory
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                                        Because You Are Strong
                                        For ages 12 through Adult
                                        Printed Workbook retails for $14 (on sale for $12)
                                        Downloadable e-Book retails for $10

This curriculum is divided into ten studies or units.  Each study focusses on biblical truths, biblical heroes, the power of God, the service of Jesus, and wisdom from Proverbs regarding strength.  The material can last  74 days of study that take 5 to 20 minutes each (and you can do the additional 40 studies to further the learning). 

The Ten In-depth Study Units are:
1.  Strength for the Race: Meditating on Hebrews 11-12
2.  Strength with no Limits: A Topical Study on the Omnipotence of God
3.  Strength and Wisdom: A Topical Study in Proverbs
4.  Strength and Temptation: A Character Study of Samson
5.  Strength to be Valiant: A Word Study on “Valor
6.  Strength in Our Weakness: A Verse Study on 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
7.  Strength in the Battle: A Chapter Study of 1 Samuel 17
8.  Strength Serving Others: A Study of Jesus‘ Actions in the Gospel of Mark
9.  Strength and Gray Heads: A Verse Study of Proverbs 20:29
10. Strength in the Faith: A Book Study of 1 John

During quiet individual study, my sons are to spend 20 minutes reading the text
and corresponding scripture, and answer the question or questions that relate to reading.  The material for each day consists of a couple of paragraphs and from one to a “few” questions.  It is not very long and is easily completed in under 20 minutes.  Then they go over their answers later with Dad and discuss what is on their heart.  Though our review of this curriculum is over, we will continue to work through this study for our fall curriculum. 
You can view a free sample of chapter 1, and see how “Because You Are Strong” might fit into your son’s homeschooling day.   


Here are a few more suggestions of ways we will be using this curriculum this school year, both for individual study and with dad to encourage faith and understanding of God’s plan and gift of strength in their life:

Father and son read and answer questions together at a certain time each day, maybe at a meal like breakfast or supper, or before bedtime, AND at least once a week, both father and son will do something from the list below:

A) Go for a sandwich / coffee drink / ice cream / or desert and study together at the food establishment.  Many places have a booth or study corner set up and this would make a fun spot to study with dad.

Go for a walk and take the study on the trail with them.

C) My sons love to target practice with dad, as well as go camping, fishing, and work in the yard or doing physical things, and this study can be worked into a before or after time.  This is a great way to use their physical strength and abilities while doing the study too, and gives them a hands on perspective in addition to head and heart knowledge of what God is speaking to them.

As they learn about the strength God has given them and how to use that strength in a God godly way, they will also learn how to use their bible better.  This bible study curriculum will teach the men in your family:
        How to use a concordance.
        How to study the original Greek & Hebrew words used in bible passages. 
        How to perform a character study. 
        How to study a specific topic in the Bible.
        How to understand and use marginal notes in the Bible. 
        How to study a verse, passage, chapter, or entire book of the Bible. 
        How to use free Bible study tools on computers and mobile devices.

I think that even if your son and his dad do this study together or alone, their relationship would greatly benefit from setting aside a special time once a week to spend time together in some kind of activity using their strength and skills that God has given them. 

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Be sure to visit Doorposts for more great curriculum products to encourage you
r family in their faith and relationships too.  Doorposts offers free helpful resources on their website.  You can also follow on Doorposts on Facebook, sign up for their newsletter, and read along on their blog.  They also have weekly charater projects on their blog and I hope to find some time to learn more about this and see if it is something that will fit in our home too.  Lots of resources there, so grab a cup of coffee, or what ever you enjoy drinking, and take some time to look through all of this. 


Be sure to read what other homeschool families on the Schoolhouse Review Crew had to say about using this product in their homes.

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